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No, There Wasn’t A Load Of Contaminated Masks

So this guy Steve decided to toss out a hoax about a truckload of contaminated PPE. Supposedly the truck driver died and his whole load of face masks was contaminated with coronavirus. I did some checking and figured out the whole thing is bogus. He literally just made it all up and posted it on Facebook. Not a good thing in current times. I challenged him on it and he got just downright juvenile about it. Anyway, I screen-captured our conversation and edited out other comments so it’s just me and him.
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Satanic Selfies?


Image Credit:  City of Segovia

So here we go again. The Catholics have their feelings hurt. Why? Because the city of Segovia, Spain was going to allow a small statue of (gasp!) Satan to be placed on an aqueduct. It’s not the result of any Satanic cult or dark conspiracy. It’s about attracting tourists. Due to the unexpected controversy, a judge has ruled that the statue cannot be erected (the image is a mock-up) until the matter is settled.

It’s Your Right. But It’s My Right, Too

WowEmoji_LargeLately I’ve been fussed at a bit because I’ve been perceived as “harsh” or “rude” in my treatment of Christians in particular and religion in general. Most of it has been from people I know personally, though I also catch a lot of crap from true-believers in various online forums, Facebook comments, etc. So please allow me to clear up a few things.
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