No, There Wasn’t A Load Of Contaminated Masks

So this guy Steve decided to toss out a hoax about a truckload of contaminated PPE. Supposedly the truck driver died and his whole load of face masks was contaminated with coronavirus. I did some checking and figured out the whole thing is bogus. He literally just made it all up and posted it on Facebook. Not a good thing in current times. I challenged him on it and he got just downright juvenile about it. Anyway, I screen-captured our conversation and edited out other comments so it’s just me and him.

But it’s too big for FB so I put it here. I do this just to show the mindset of some of the hoaxers out there. Enjoy! 🙂

Note: I normally black-out people’s names. But this guy is such a douche bucket that I decided to let the world (or my tiny part of it) know who he is. I’m fairly certainly this is NOT the former SF 49er quarterback, btw.


1 thought on “No, There Wasn’t A Load Of Contaminated Masks

  1. TheChattyIntrovert

    Ugh, and he’s probably got enough paranoid followers who never read or fact-check anything who will spread this crap while he laughs. Arrogant, foolish little twit. Grr… this is why I’m starting to avoid most social media. I’ve only done Facebook, but i’m probably gonna knock that off soon. I barely touch it and I don’t care for some of the convos that pop up on my feed, either.



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