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Silly Pictures April 2023

Whenever I get bored (which is fairly often) I fire up and start doodling. Sometimes I cobble something silly together from several different images. Other times I just draw stuff. Anyway here’s some of my most recent (ahem) “artwork.” And no, I’m not claiming it’s all that great. Enjoy.

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Colors And ColorSpaces

This table represents the named colors found in Windows and most other operating systems. The first 140 colors are the Named Colors you can use when styling a webpage. Following the Named Colors are the Windows (as of Win-10) default System Colors used for coloring various screen elements. I likely wouldn’t have expended the effort to do this but I was bored and it’s cold as hell outside. Hopefully at least a few folks will find it useful. Don’t be too impressed (it ain’t that impressive). I did most of this by coding a bit of automation and letting it do the work for me. I actually rather enjoy writing code generators.
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The Lava Lamp Project


ThumbnailSo the other day I got the crazy idea I’d build my own GIF animator. Actually wasn’t that hard because I was using a command line tool called GraphicsMagick. No that’s not a typo. They spell it with “ck.” Anyhow, I built a little UI with MS Visual Studio so that I could select the images via a file dialog, set the delay & dispose properties, and then automate writing the command script from Visual Basic.
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The Eyes Have It



CortezAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez has got some seriously scary eyes. And I got to wondering how those eyes would look on other famous people. You know, like how years ago a few people were trying out Jimmy Carter’s toothy smile on other presidents. Anyway, I fired up Paint.Net (my graphics editor of choice) and abused a few images of celebrities and politicians with the “Crazy Eyes.”

All the images use the eyes from the photo above.

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