The Eyes Have It



CortezAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez has got some seriously scary eyes. And I got to wondering how those eyes would look on other famous people. You know, like how years ago a few people were trying out Jimmy Carter’s toothy smile on other presidents. Anyway, I fired up Paint.Net (my graphics editor of choice) and abused a few images of celebrities and politicians with the “Crazy Eyes.”

All the images use the eyes from the photo above.


Doesn’t matter what you do to him. He’s still awesome.


Bernie looks like he just shat himself


The craziest part here is that it had no real effect.


Michelle actually had a pleasant expression. Until…


Yeah I know. Complete lack of respect for the classics


As if this hag wasn’t scary enough already


How does one make Danny look meaner? I give up.


Mister President, please accept my sincere apologies. Or not. Emoji_Smile_20x20

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