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Was It Something I Said?

I’ve been debating on whether and how to share something for several days. Those of you who are often my sounding boards shouldn’t be offended that we haven’t talked about it. It’s just something I needed to puzzle out on my own. It was somewhat awkward and I wasn’t certain if there was even any benefit to putting it out there. But in the end, given the often raucous debates flying around between theists and atheists I decided it was worth sharing.
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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This bit was originally posted on my old blog back in 2009. I’ve updated¬† and re-posted it here since it’s (to me at least) a good cautionary tale.

Back in 2009 north Georgia was hit with a series of severe storms. Hail, rain, high winds, and if memory serves a tornado or two. I had occasion to drive all the way across the state on I-75. Beautiful sunny weather down south, but as I neared Atlanta the skies were darkening and the wind was bending the trees along the roadside. By the time I reached Atlanta, I was in the midst of a chain of raging thunderstorms. Continue reading