Reasons To Smile

MowerGot a chance to take some nice pics. First in an Amish area in PA, then at a car show the next day.  Lots of classic muscle cars. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Friday (June 7th) I delivered to a mostly Amish town, Rebersburg, PA. As is always the case I came away in a better mood than I was in when I got there. I swear, the Amish are some of the friendliest, most humble and hard-working people I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot.

Funny though. Here’s this Amish guy unloading me (he builds mainly rocking chairs and picnic tables) with a gas-powered forklift. Lots of electric wood-working equipment inside his nice metal building. Next door at his house, here’s a young lady in full Amish attire (long dress, apron, bonnet) working up a sweat using a push mower. You know, the one without a motor? Meanwhile 2 houses down I spied another Amish gal using a gasoline-powered leaf blower. It appears the outside world is creeping in on Amishdom. Unavoidable, I suppose. I hope they don’t lose their sweet nature as time goes by.

After I delivered, I talked my boss into letting me off for the weekend. I was bushed, out of clean clothes and just about out of hours. So I drove up to nearby Mill Hall, PA and parked it for the weekend. Lo and behold, the Flying J truck stop was having a car show in the parking lot. Nothing big, but a lot of cool rides. So I walked around admiring the cars and snapping pics with my cell phone. Below are pics from the Amish countryside and of the car show. Hope you enjoy them.

The first few pics are of PA highway 445. There are two ways into this valley and this was the better choice. It’s a great scenic route, but it sucks for an 18-wheeler. You’re not seeing the worst of it – just the parts where I could ease along with one hand on the wheel. Apologies for the bugs on my windshield. 🙂


And no trip to Amish country is complete without getting stuck behind a buggy or two…


OK, on to the car show. A few clunkers in the mix, which I avoided. The rest were quite cool. Especially the Falcon Spirit, the AMX and the Mustang. Me like. Me like a lot.



This old Chevy truck’s got a 454.



I’ve not seen an Avanti in ages.



Rare old Skylark



Always wanted an AMX


OK. That’s all folks. Hope you enjoyed the pics. 🙂


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