Monthly Archives: May 2023

So Many Contractions, So Little Time

People are losing their command (if they ever had it) of the English language. Even global publications that have professional EDITORS are getting sloppy with all manner of mistakes (there / they’re / their, then / than, fill / feel, etc). It’s most evident on social media. For some reason people (especially young people) feel free when on social media to just butcher the language (e.g. “Imma gon bust yo ass mofo”). Continue reading

Growing Up Normal Wasn’t So Bad

Growing up in the 70s, the family gun storage was my bedroom. There were at least a dozen guns, lots of ammo and several knives. Unlocked and within easy reach. There were several .22s including a semi-auto, three shotguns, a .303, a 30-30, a 7.62mm Mosin-Nagant, a .45 Colt service revolver, a matched pair of .32 revolvers, two .22 revolvers, a diver’s knife, my throwing knife, an antique dagger, and a couple of bayonets. Continue reading