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Here’s To Your Health

medicaljesusTo one degree or another, most all of us try to stay healthy. It’s important to maintain both physical and emotional / mental health. You can be taking excellent care of your physical health, but poor emotional health can also effect you physically and vice versa. An important part of both physical and mental health is having some sort of healthy sex life. It’s also important to make certain you’re getting good advice on your health when you need it. And here my friends is where I again find it necessary to jump all over the Abrahamic religions. These people just don’t get it when it comes to health and sex.

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Evolution of the Moral Compass


Compass: Wikimedia.org – The faces I just grabbed off the WWW.

An oft-asked question nowadays is whether morals can exist without the influence of a deity. To me the answer is an obvious “Yes” but for others the answer is no. Why? Well, because they believe humans are so flawed and damaged that we are incapable of being good without God. We lack a “moral compass.” It’s sad that they think so little of themselves, and mildly offensive that they think the same of folks like me. If you take a commonsense look at the issue, it becomes obvious.

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