Here’s To Your Health

medicaljesusTo one degree or another, most all of us try to stay healthy. It’s important to maintain both physical and emotional / mental health. You can be taking excellent care of your physical health, but poor emotional health can also effect you physically and vice versa. An important part of both physical and mental health is having some sort of healthy sex life. It’s also important to make certain you’re getting good advice on your health when you need it. And here my friends is where I again find it necessary to jump all over the Abrahamic religions. These people just don’t get it when it comes to health and sex.

Let’s look at some proven, well-documented health benefits to sex in general and orgasms in particular.

Immune System
Having sex once or twice a week has been linked with higher levels of Immumnogobulin A or IgA, an antibodiy found in saliva and nasal linings that’s a factor in the immune system’s ability to fight bugs.
Live Longer
Various studies over the years show that people with healthy, active sex lives tend to live longer.
Regulate Menstrual Cycle
Sexually active women tend to have a more regular and less-painful menstrual cycle.
Happy Campers!
Couples who are sexually active tend to be more affectionate and happier overall. And, orgasms release heightened levels of oxytocin, which then gives you a flood of endorphins. This leads to better sleep (especially in men) and a general feeling of well-being.
Weight Loss
Frequent sex adjusts body chemistry making it easier to control body weight.
Women’s Bladder Control
Orgasms actually help to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor which leads to improved bladder control.
Lower Systolic Blood Pressure
Sex helps to lower your blood pressure in the short term.
Prostate Health
Regular ejaculation via sex or masturbation lowers the chance of prostate cancer and improves the quality of the sperm, therefore also enhancing fertility.
Vasocongestion (aka “blue balls”)
Frequent sex and / or masturbation prevents an excessive buildup of sperm. We guys know how this hurts. We also know the cure, right?
Lower Stress
Intimate sex lowers stress levels via the above-mentioned endorphins.

So, given the above we can all agree that sex can be good for you. Just be smart and careful, please. And on a boring lonely night, you can still be happy and get a good night’s sleep if you handle things yourself. I don’t know of anyone who gave themselves an STD or got themselves pregnant.

But now let’s talk about what religion has to say about it (as if you don’t already know). If you’re a true believer, then it’s one man, one woman, and of course you gotta be married. That means if you’re not married, gay or alone it’s a sin to do something that makes you happy and benefits your health. Seems terribly unfair, does it not? It’s like God is telling you that the health of your “soul” (for which there is no evidence) is more important than your real-world health. At least when you die of prostate cancer you’ll go to Heaven, right?

Let’s be realistic here. Should you base decisions that affect your health and happiness on a nebulous, unprovable concept like religion, or should it be based upon sound science and medical experience? Regardless of whether you’re a believer, you know down deep the answer does not lie in the Bible, the Quran, or the Tora. If you believe He designed and created you, then it’s time to ask why He’d create you in such a way that enhancing your health and happiness is potentially immoral. If your god was real and had actually inspired those writings, would He not have given sound advice? You know, like…

And ye men, waxeth thou thy carrot if thou hast not a partner, for to neglect thy carrot shall foul thy seed.

But no. The Abrahamic religions are so paranoid about sex that some cultures will stone people to death over a little weekend hanky-panky. Personally, I suspect that religious leaders dating all the way back to the birth of religion just don’t want us to find happiness outside of their sick beliefs. It’s about control.

They preach abstinence to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted / unwed pregnancy. And to enforce that bit of dogma, the Catholics will tell you that wearing a condom is a sin. The Catholics blatantly lied to millions of Africans (mainly Uganda) about condom use to prevent AIDS. They actually told them that God would punish them by giving them AIDS if they wore a condom. If you have to lie to prove your point, then your point is also a lie. People are dying in Africa so the Catholic Church can keep its stranglehold on the people of that continent. They are murderers, pure and simple.

Extra Tidbit: Stephen Fry’s wonderful speech on whether the Catholic church is a force for good in the world. Fast forward to 14:40 to hear him speak on Uganda.

If you adhere to one of these faiths, then you must believe that it is immoral for Jack and Sally (who are just dating) to spend a romantic weekend together. You have to believe that some poor guy who lives alone and has deformities that make him wholly unattractive cannot give himself some release. You believe Tom and Dave cannot have a relationship because gay sex is an “abomination.” All because some musty old book written by a bunch of Bronze Age goat herders says so.

And are any of the Abrahamic faiths even credible anymore in this regard? The Catholics, Baptists and Jehovah’s Witnesses are all mired in sexual scandals. Sex slaves are common in the world of Islam. Why would anyone give a rat’s ass what they believe? The physical and emotional need for sexual release is a part of human nature. That in and of itself is not evil. It’s just who we are. You potentially hurt yourself by denying that nature. Ever wonder how many priests would not have molested children if they hadn’t been sex-starved by their own religion? It isn’t “the Devil” making them do the unthinkable. It’s the fact of them being chained to a set of bizarre beliefs that pushes them over the edge.

But let’s lighten things up a bit. A gay online publication has posted a short article about “Coach” Dave Daubenmire, who considers himself an Internet preacher. There is a video set to the relevant time spot so you can watch him comparing masturbation to gay sex (how can it be gay or straight when you’re alone?!), and then he compares orgasms to bowel movements. If you’re a Christian, you read the same Bible he does. Enough said?

The Bottom Line…

Uninformed believers all over the world have been mislead to think that just because the Bible says it’s wrong, it must be wrong. They’ve been cowed to the point that they fear to question their scriptures even when it’s obvious those scriptures are false. The holy books are not science books or medical encyclopedias. They’re collections of morally and factually bankrupt stories written by primitive men who had no knowledge of biology. These books cannot possibly have any true moral authority because so many of their teachings are flat-out evil, or just plain silly.

Your health and happiness are in your hands, not God’s. Don’t allow yourself to be hamstrung by those who would allow the pseudo-moralistic teachings of ancient fables to interfere with your well-being.

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