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America’s Cultural Tug of War

KillTrumpSignThe United States of America is in an awkward and frightening position. Extremists on the left and right are fighting mightily to change the nation according to their individual (and very different) visions of what America should be. The left seeks to turn us into a Socialist utopia. The far right, or at least many of them, seek a Protestant Christian theocracy where the Christian Bible supersedes even our Constitution. The rest of us are essentially the rope in a cultural tug of war. And that tug of war has become violent to a degree not seen in decades. Civility is becoming a thing of the past. Continue reading


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This bit was originally posted on my old blog back in 2009. I’ve updated¬† and re-posted it here since it’s (to me at least) a good cautionary tale.

Back in 2009 north Georgia was hit with a series of severe storms. Hail, rain, high winds, and if memory serves a tornado or two. I had occasion to drive all the way across the state on I-75. Beautiful sunny weather down south, but as I neared Atlanta the skies were darkening and the wind was bending the trees along the roadside. By the time I reached Atlanta, I was in the midst of a chain of raging thunderstorms. Continue reading

The Ascendance Of Ignorance

PiedPiper_01_SmallFrom the 8th through the 13th centuries, the Arabic world was at the forefront of cultural advancement. Advances in medicine, human anatomy, mathematics and astronomy abounded throughout the region. It was the Golden Age of Islam. During these years Baghdad was one of the world’s foremost scientific and cultural centers. Continue reading

The Bible Was Not Divinely Inspired

Christians are taught that their Bible is the revealed word of God. As such, Christians also believe that the Bible is absolute and infallible. But the Bible is chocked full of gross inaccuracies and contradictions. If God were real (and omniscient / omnipotent) then why would He have told His authors all these wildly inaccurate stories? Why would He lie to the people He depended upon to tell His story? The obvious explanation is: God didn’t do it. Continue reading