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Colors And ColorSpaces

This table represents the named colors found in Windows and most other operating systems. The first 140 colors are the Named Colors you can use when styling a webpage. Following the Named Colors are the Windows (as of Win-10) default System Colors used for coloring various screen elements. I likely wouldn’t have expended the effort to do this but I was bored and it’s cold as hell outside. Hopefully at least a few folks will find it useful. Don’t be too impressed (it ain’t that impressive). I did most of this by coding a bit of automation and letting it do the work for me. I actually rather enjoy writing code generators.
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Keeping Occupied

As most of my family and friends already know, I had a fairly serious heart attack in late November of 2020 while working in Idaho. It required a quintuple bypass surgery to keep me in the world a little longer. It’ll still be a few more weeks before I can legally re-certify (I’m a truck driver) and get back to work. So I’ve been sitting here at home in Mississippi trying to keep myself occupied and entertained. Continue reading

The Lava Lamp Project


ThumbnailSo the other day I got the crazy idea I’d build my own GIF animator. Actually wasn’t that hard because I was using a command line tool called GraphicsMagick. No that’s not a typo. They spell it with “ck.” Anyhow, I built a little UI with MS Visual Studio so that I could select the images via a file dialog, set the delay & dispose properties, and then automate writing the command script from Visual Basic.
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