Random Synaptic Misfires Vol 1

Ever just feel like talking but didn’t really have anything to talk about? Yeah, I’m there right now. So I thought I’d share a few things with you. Hopefully you’ll find it all interesting.

First there’s the story surrounding Mallory McMorrow, a state senator from Michigan. Seems that she got accused of all manner of perversions by a Republican colleague. Anyway, she responded with a rousing speech that all conservative Christians should watch or read the transcript. And then ask themselves if they’re guilty of the same mindless hate as Mallory’s detractor. Seriously, regardless of your political / social leanings, check this out. Click Here For The Article


I spent a solid hour yesterday cobbling together another goofy image with intentions of posting it on Facebook. But then I realized that FB would probably ban me for life if I did. I’m still thinking of leaving FB, but on my terms not theirs. Anyway here’s the image in question. And no I don’t care who gets pissed over it. It’s my blog. You don’t have to be here.


I was also playing around with a couple of new (to me) effects in Paint.net


Darryl Anthony Howard served 21 years of an 80-year sentence for murder. Then someone figured out he was innocent. He sued and won a $6 million settlement. But the city of Durham, NC is refusing to pay. I hope he gets double that by the time it’s all done.
Click HERE


I am amazed at the resurgence of the Flat Earth conspiracy theory. Where do these nut-sacks come from? The linked video is a debate between a flat Earth true believer and youtube personality “Professor Dave.” It’s entertaining.


Over 100 people who attended the same high school have been diagnosed with rare cancers. A facility that handled radioactive materials was located nearby and some of those involved in the investigation have theorized that the soil at the school campus may have become contaminated. This could get interesting.


Long as I’m showing off my meager talents at doctoring images, here’s what happens when you cross an angry seagull with a horse (actually 2 horses – the mane is from another pic).


OK I’m done here for tonight. I included “Vol 1” in the title just in case I ever get this bored again. I’m working on a couple of “real” posts but they require a goodly bit of research that I’ve not yet completed. Best to all – ABB


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