Pissy People

So it’s Sunday. And I was having a nice lazy morning. No work to do, no schedule except for dinner with a friend this evening. I opened a few news outlets and saw little else but bad news. Death, destruction, deceit, extreme politics, etc. Too early in the morning for all that crap.

I opened FB (which I’m thinking of dropping soon) and read a few posts in my feed. What a bunch self-serving, self-righteous horse shit. And much of it coming from people I know and respect.

If I reply to any of this nonsense I get multiple Christians jumping down my throat about how I’m attacking their beliefs. Even a few family members want to get involved, a couple who make it personal. Stuff like:

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.
I asked what they’d do if they suddenly found out He wasn’t alive. I was “answered” with “what would you do if you found out he was alive?”
A house cannot be a home unless God is in it.
I pointed out that I’ve lived at the same address since 1998 and I’m happy as a hog in a mud hole. But no, I just don’t know what it means to be happy, because God .
I am nothing without Jesus.
Holy shit don’t tell’em they’re brainwashed. They’ll get downright childish about it.
The world seems out of control, but God has not surrendered His authority.
I asked “Then what damn good is he?” Kicked a hornet nest with that one. 
Pray for Ukraine.
They’d probably prefer guns, bullets and food at this point. But try to convince the fundies of that.
Pray for President Trump
Don’t tell’em Trump isn’t President anymore. They’ll spend an hour telling you about the vast conspiracy. I’ll proudly admit to supporting Trump twice. Hillary and Biden are bad jokes. But when I point out that Trump lost, I get accused of voting Democrat, which I have never done in a national election.
Put prayer back in our schools!
It never left. But try to get a Christian to understand that.
Put corporal punishment back in schools!
There are those who believe strangers should be able to beat your kid with a stick of wood. My response would be to place the paddle in such a position as to cause the teacher to resemble a Popsicle.

And if I have the audacity to post something about my secular beliefs it often gets similar personal attacks. A few of my friends enjoy a good debate as much as I do, but quite often it gets mucked up by others jumping in and either taking my words personally or making their comments personal against me. And they all still regard Pascal’s Wager as a valid argument. It never was.

I usually try to have some witty closing line, but such things escape me today. It was a long week, from which I’m really tired. And I’ll admit to feeling a little pissed right now. As such my normally charming nature has taken a fucking hike. So, see y’all next time.

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