Whose Body Is It Anyway?

Opinions are like… well yeah we all got one.

So much drama right now regarding Roe v Wade. Liberals are screaming like it’s the end of the world. Conservatives are all over the place, some saying it’s “God’s will” while others swear it’s a liberal conspiracy to win votes for Democrats. It’s crazy.

Even worse is the religious hypocrisy.

Being Christian is not synonymous with being pro-life. Think about how many unborn children have supposedly died at the hands of the Abrahamic god. Think of how many young children have been murdered at the behest of Yahweh. If the Bible is to be believed, then their god is a raving genocidal maniac. Given the blood on Yahweh’s hands, imaginary or not, Christians have no business claiming to be pro-life because of their religious beliefs.

“Evangelical commitment to protecting the unborn stems from our deep understanding that God created human beings in his image and that every human life from conception to death has inestimable worth.
Walter Kim, President of National Association of Evangelicals

Never mind all the unborn Kim’s Bible says were killed on his god’s orders. And don’t get me started on those “faith healers” in Idaho. What a bunch of nut sacks.

As a humanist, I respect a woman’s decision to save her own life if needed. I respect her right to end a pregnancy if she was raped or if an unintended pregnancy will cause her undue hardship – especially if she is already a mother. A woman’s bodily autonomy should not be subject to a bunch of self-righteous, gray-haired old men in Washington.

And don’t start in with the “life is a gift from God” nonsense. Life is a biological process, pure and simple. If Jesus actually existed then Mary screwed around with someone. We exist solely because our parents had sex, not because of some Divine intervention.

I love babies. I love making them smile their tiny smiles. I love watching them explore their world and seeing their eyes light up with each new discovery. I loved sacking out on the couch with my infant child in my arms. And I cried when what would have been my second child died in the womb.

But none of that gives me the right to dictate to a woman, even one carrying my child, what she can or cannot do with her own body. And as long as the child is within her, it is a part of her body. Her life matters, too.

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