Silly Pictures April 2023

Whenever I get bored (which is fairly often) I fire up and start doodling. Sometimes I cobble something silly together from several different images. Other times I just draw stuff. Anyway here’s some of my most recent (ahem) “artwork.” And no, I’m not claiming it’s all that great. Enjoy.

Gun turret from a WWII battleship dropped onto a modern tank

The Duke meets the Avengers


Everyone was messing with this Bernie pic for awhile. This is mine.

“Bird Dog.” Or “Dog Bird.” Whatever.

↑ Just drawing stuff without any specific goal is relaxing (to me anyway) ↓

Saw this really good blood moon pic. Decided it needed a dragon. But dragons require mountains, right? Anyway.


My Favorite Lizard

Aside from Big G I also have a soft spot for werewolves

If you don’t get it, you’re too young. Google Captain Kangaroo.

Mount Hood in Oregon, spiced up with some outer space stuff and a rocky foreground. I forget where the foreground is from.

No, I dunno why I did it either.

↑ I got a thing for ducks and seagulls ↓

OK that’s it for now at least. I’m a long-haul trucker so I also have tons of pics from my travels. I may post some of them as well. Hope you enjoyed the pics. – Alan

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