Random Observations – January 2023

So I’ve been sitting here in Denny’s for an hour *after* finishing my burger. Surfing the news, FB, IMDB and Reddit. And in the back of my tired mind I’ve been stewing over several bits of unrelated bullshit, upon which I will now expound. Mind you, I’m not proclaiming anything. I’m merely opinionating. Why I expect anyone would care is a mystery even to me.


The greatest cop show in TV history is “Law and Order SVU.”

Peter Weller’s best movie was the original Robocop. The more recent Robocop remake (2014) sucks.

Tim Curry was by far the best Pennywise The Clown. He was scary AF.

Richard Roxburgh’s portrayal of Dracula (“Van Helsing” [2004]) was the best Dracula ever. Don’t argue. This is a hill I’m willing to die on. OK not really. But he was awesome.

No one could have played Dr Strange better than Benedict Cumberbatch.

No one could have played Sherlock Holmes better than Robert Downey Jr.

No one could have played Han Solo better than Harrison Ford.

The Downey’s

How much cool shit can happen to one person? Lookit Robert Downey Jr. He got to be Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, he’s fabulously wealthy and he gets to sleep with Susan Downey. Thanks in large part to Susan, Robert has gone from a pathological fuckup to one of the most successful performers in Hollywood. Mister Downey, don’t you ever quit thanking her for dragging you out of the sewer.

Legendary’s depiction of Godzilla is ridiculous. It looks like an obese iguana. Good monster flicks overall, but that ain’t Godzilla. Best Godzilla was Toho’s updated version in “Godzilla 2000.” Awesome lizard.

What was Legendary thinking when they designed their version of Big G?! They had a chance to make it awesome. Instead, they chose to amplify the rubber suit’s flaws, and add little stubby feet that look nothing like those of a giant dinosaur. Epic fail.

Shin Godzilla sucked like a Hoover. Yes, there’s always just a bit of silliness with Toho’s monsters. But this was off the charts. It looked more like a burn victim than a powerful monster. Godzilla is a force of nature. It’s like a hurricane or an earthquake. You don’t know when the next one will occur, but you know it will. To portray it as anything less is an insult to the myth.

John Lithgow, when he wants to be, is the funniest soul to ever step in front of a camera. He can also be scary as hell. What a wonderful talent he is.

John Lithgow (vocal.media)

I earnestly believe that Red Skull (Captain America: The First Avenger) had the coolest car of any bad guy from Marvel or DC Comics. And why do villains nearly always have cooler rides than the good guys? Batman probably wanks himself looking at a picture of Red Skull’s car.

Red Skull’s Ride

Politics and Religion…

Some people act surprised that I could be both an atheist and a gun owner. These are mainly people who don’t actually know what an atheist is. They tend to believe all atheists are a bunch of far-left extremists. For the record, being an atheist simply means we don’t believe in any gods. Outside of that, atheists come in all shapes and sizes and our beliefs vary as much as anyone else’s.

It is completely impossible to accurately name the “best president in US history” because it’s too subjective.

We’ve gone from having a loudmouth buffoon in the White House to a senile socialist who’s incapable of running a nation. Personally I wouldn’t let Joe Biden run a lemonade stand.

Religion is the original conspiracy theory. Think about it – adherents stick to their guns no matter how much evidence to the contrary you present to them. They have professional apologists who do nothing but attack factual evidence that disagrees with their dogma (in other words, they lie). You cannot reason with a theist. If you could, there wouldn’t be any.

Battle lines are being drawn between atheists and Christians. The rhetoric is way over the top on both sides, and we’re seeing mostly small incidents of violence – pushing and shoving, an occasional fist fight, etc. The whole atheist vs theist fight was also involved with the January sixth riot at the capitol, though it wasn’t the only factor. There are lies and exaggerations on both sides. I expect this nonsense from the religious right, but atheists need to cool their jets and act civilized. Otherwise we become what we’re fighting against.

Al Sharpton missed his true calling. He could have been one of the best standup comics ever. Damn that guy’s funny. Even when he’s not trying.

The Arts…

Steppenwolf front man John Kay

There is no yardstick to measure for the “greatest classic rock band in history.” I love Steppenwolf, but I can’t honestly say they were the greatest. The Stones? Humble Pie? Led Zepplin? ZZ Top? Hendrix? I will say that Classic Rock (late 60s thru early 80s) is without a doubt the greatest music in planetary history. Prove me wrong.

Yet another silly Facebook meme today asked, “If you could get rid of one thing in the world, what would it be?” People were answering with cancer, war, AIDS, Communism and a host of other nasty items. I answered, “Country Music.” Gotta keep those priorities straight.


Miscellaneous Bullshit…

Wyoming is the worst place to be in the winter, especially if you’re not from Wyoming. It’s a frozen wasteland. Especially along I-80.

Crash on I-80 in Wyoming (ksltv.com)

Emmitt Smith had talent and character. Barry Sanders was just a whiner. Talented, but a whiner.

I had never heard of Andrew Tate until recently. Having wasted spent a bit of time watching him on youtube, I believe he may very well be the most insecure, frightened little man I’ve seen in a very long time. What a loser.

Kanye West (aka “Ye”) isn’t terribly far-removed from Tate. Just another insecure, brainless meat sack who’s scared to death of women.

Alex Jones is a pimple on the ass of humanity.

Did I miss anything? See y’all next time.

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