What Are You Willing To Lose?

So it’s election time. Predictably, our politicians and the media are making fools of themselves with outlandish claims and impossible predictions. Each party accuses the other of being the enemy of democracy. Personally, I think both are correct. Regardless of which party wins, we stand to lose in some ways and gain in others.

If the Democrats retain power, it’s likely the economy will continue to worsen. Gun ownership will become more difficult. We’ll be pushed into an unsustainable dependence on unreliable energy sources. We’ll see law enforcement continue to lose its ability to police our towns (look at Chicago). First graders will be getting “sex education” when they should be just learning to color within the lines.

On the other hand if the Democrats retain power, we might finally see marijuana legalized at the federal level. Legislation could be passed to finally grant women proper bodily autonomy. Ditto for marriage equality. Religion could be kicked out of our public schools in favor of logic and reason.

If Republicans gain the majority, perhaps we’ll see some deregulation in the areas of gun rights, commercial transportation and small business. Perhaps we’ll also see the demise of some of the more onerous environmental regulations. We might become (as we were with Trump) more energy independent.

Sadly, modern Republicans aren’t very modern. They’re beholden to the religious right. They’ve already proven this with the SCOTUS’s overturning of Roe. Republican politicians across the nation expressed joy at this loss of women’s rights. And many have stated that marriage equality is also on their list of freedoms to take away. And very few of them have the balls or the scientific knowledge to vote for the legalization of marijuana. They’re stuck in the Bronze Age.

So what are you willing to lose? The Democrats are driving the economy into the sewer. The Republicans would likely improve the economy, but at the cost of minority rights and personal freedoms. The Democrats will fight for bodily autonomy, but they’ll also continue to say it’s OK for drag queens to interact with kindergarten children (it isn’t).

America as I have said before, needs a viable third party to stir the pot, upset the wagon, spill the apple crate, or whatever your favorite metaphor might be. The two parties are asking us to pick and choose what rights to lose or keep. And that is NOT how it’s supposed to work.

Original Capitol Image Credit: By Martin Falbisoner

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