Hey Christians: It’s Not All About You

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Christians are programmed to believe that not only is their religion the only “true” religion, but that everyone else is involved in a Satanic plot to destroy Christianity and take over the world (or something like that anyway). For those of us who are not buried in the sour mud of Christian ignorance, it’s often annoying to hear them blathering on and on about how they’re persecuted, abused, slighted and ridiculed.

OK yes I’m guilty of ridiculing them. They deserve it. And I won’t stop. If you don’t want to be treated like a dumbass then don’t be a dumbass. See? Simple. I just offered you a way to escape persecution. You’re welcome.

Part of the problem is that Christians have this tendency to make everything out to be an attack on them. Consider:

The Covid-19 pandemic has killed millions of people all over the world. It doesn’t care what you believe, what color you are, how you vote or how much money you have. And every nation on Earth has taken measures to mitigate the spread of the disease. The measures are obvious to anyone with a shred of common sense:

  • Distance yourselves from others
  • Get the vaccine
  • Avoid large groups
  • Wear a mask

But Evangelical Christians (extremists, imo) have been quick to claim that all this is nothing but an attempt to deny their right to worship. Never mind the fact that they could easily set up virtual services (to their credit, many churches did so). Never mind the fact that other such large gatherings (cinemas, concerts, bars, restaurants etc) were also banned for a time. Extremist pastors went public with false claims of persecution. Many of them held services in violation of bans and the results were often catastrophic. Thousands of people were exposed to Covid-19 at these illicit gatherings and a lot of them are dead as a result. But that hasn’t stopped these extremist pastors from continuing to claim that it’s all a conspiracy to persecute Christians.

Let’s Talk About Symbolism…
One of the most stark examples of how Christians co-opt symbols or phrases for their own purposes (propaganda) is the jolly old peace symbol. Now we can go back a few centuries and find similar depictions used for nefarious purposes. But all of that was within the context of myth and superstition (just like Christianity). A designer named Gerald Holtom dreamed up the first legit use of the symbol – as one of nuclear disarmament. The symbology was based on flag semaphores:

Inner Peace Zone (Link in Sources

Many Christians claim that the peace sign (aka “crow’s foot”) represents an inverted crucifix with the crossbar broken down. To this I would answer that the cross itself is an ancient torture device. If you wear a cross around your neck in that context, then you are already obsessed with blood and death. Please do seek professional help.

And Music…
Let’s not forget that for a time heavy metal music, principally that of Ozzy Osbourne and his former band, “Black Sabbath” was reviled by some Christian leaders because it supposedly contains Satanic chants. If you played it backwards, you could supposedly hear these subliminal messages. Even the theme song from “Mister Ed” got dragged into the fracas.

By the way – out of curiosity I spun Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” album backward (long play vinyl), with my head down close so I could hear. All I can tell you is that Ozzy sounded really strange. Even stranger than playing him normally.

But why was it just Christians coming under attack? If Satan was actually using these shaggy-haired loudmouths to spread evil, why not weasel his way into Hinduism or Islam or Buddhism?

Cute Satan – image credit in links at end of post

Might it be because Satan is nothing more than a figment of the Abrahamic imagination? Christian leaders pretty much oppose anything that allows humans to have a good time. Marijuana is the “Devil’s Weed.” Many Christians claim gambling is sinful even though the Bible doesn’t say shit about it (it does mention “the love of money” but not gambling specifically). Sex is of course terrifying (unless you’re doing it in a God-approved manner). If you’re having fun then you’re not glorifying God. So you cut that shit out right now. Got that?


The Really Scary Stuff…
But nothing scares Christians like…wait for it… Science. Satan churns and burns within the vast cauldron of science. The Big Bang and Evolutionary Theory are nothing but conspiracies to undermine the “truths” of the book of Genesis. Consider the words of former Georgia Representative Paul Broun:

“God’s word is true. I’ve come to understand that. All that stuff I was taught about evolution, embryology, Big Bang theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of hell. It’s lies to try to keep me and all the folks who are taught that from understanding that they need a savior…”
– – Paul Broun (R) Georgia

The reason for rants like Broun’s diatribe above is mainly due to the fact that normal people know the Genesis myth is false. But Christians do not dare admit that any part of their Bible is incorrect. To do so would undermine the whole thing, and people like Broun are frantically trying to forestall the inevitable. But here again if you listen to people like Broun, it’s as if Satan (science) is only out to derail Christianity. Why is that?

In the mind of a Christian, anything that disagrees with the Bible, including science and all the world’s other religions are by definition Satanic. Every other religion, every belief system in the world that doesn’t include their precious Jesus as the Messiah is “of the Devil.” And those of us who recognize that all religions including Christianity are nothing but unmitigated bullshit are the worst of all. Either you’re a Bible-believing, God-fearing Christian, or you’re a hellbound sinner.

Science has doubled the human life expectancy. Science has eradicated many of the world’s worst diseases. Science has moved humanity forward into a new era of safety and prosperity. Christianity has done nothing but tell us how broken we are. The Abrahamic religions are gleefully killing millions all over the world while you’re reading this. Why? Because each one wants to be recognized as the One True Faith and they’re willing to kill to make it happen.

Overall Christianity is likely the most narcissistic of all the world’s religions. Everything, it seems, somehow relates back to their Bible or their god. Perhaps this is how the Powers That Be seek to control the ignorant masses. Perhaps those Powers recognize just how precarious their position has become. It takes courage to rise above the cloud of fear and ignorance Christianity has inflicted upon humanity. It requires clarity of thought and a willingness to think outside of the box that religion traps us in.

I escaped that box years ago. If you are still trapped within it, you have my fondest wishes that you too may find freedom.

Sources And Related Reading

PS: I’ve been quarantining at home for a week with a relatively mild case of Covid. As of today January 19th I’m 36 hours fever-free. Going tomorrow morning to get retested and hopefully that’ll be the end of it.

4 thoughts on “Hey Christians: It’s Not All About You

  1. doowopcity

    This is very lazy stereotyping. I love free speech: it helps us identify the bigots. I won’t do the same and say that all atheists think their religion is superior, but when non-atheists read this, many draw conclusions by this kind of example.


    1. Alan Burkhart Post author

      First off, Atheism is not a religion any more than “off” is a TV channel.

      There was a time when you’d have been correct about the “lazy stereotyping.” But with more and more Christians rapidly falling into the far-right asylum I believe my assessment is fair.

      Thanks for taking a moment to comment. It’s appreciated. 🙂



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