Jumping The Gun

So the governors of Texas, the state of my birth and Mississippi, my adopted home state have decreed that it’s time to “open up for business.” I hope that goes well but I must admit being a bit skeptical. Both governors apparently think that we’re safe from the pandemic at this point. But no we aren’t. Not even close. The end result will be a new wave of infections and unnecessary deaths that will rightfully be the fault of these two short-sighted men.

As of this writing Texas ranks 24th and Mississippi 19th for the most active Covid-19 cases per capita. As to deaths from Covid-19, Texas again ranks 24th (151 per 100,000) while Mississippi rolls in with the 5th (224 per 100,000) highest per capita rate in the nation. Yeah, just take those masks off folks. Who needs’em?

[Links to above data in the “Sources and Related Reading” at the end of the article.]

Saith Texas Gov. Abbott:

“It is now time to open Texas 100%,” Abbott said in Lubbock, joined by Lubbock business leaders at Montelongo’s Mexican Restaurant. “Everybody who wants to work should have the opportunity. Every business that wants to be open should be open.”
MSN News

Yeah, let’s open up a hundred percent. Meanwhile…

Less than 7% of Texans have been fully vaccinated, and health experts and local officials — including Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley — say it’s too soon for Abbott to remove restrictions.
–MSN News

Saith Mississippi Gov. Reeves:

“Today, I signed what I expect will be one of my last executive orders regarding COVID-19. Our hospitalizations have plummeted, and our case numbers have fallen dramatically as well. In fact, our case numbers have fallen to the point where no county meets the original criteria for a mask mandate.”

Governor Reeves, has it occurred to you that perhaps the reason for the drop in numbers is in fact the mandates? Allow me to create a somewhat extreme example of this kind of thinking: Let’s say kids in your town were routinely being run over by passing traffic. So in an effort to stop the deaths, you ban kids from playing in the road. And… shazaam! It worked! No kids get run over for a month. But the kids are crying because they miss playing in the street. So you go on TV and tell the public, “The number of pedestrian deaths is greatly reduced. As such, we are lifting the ban on kids playing in traffic.” And then you act all surprised when Little Johnny becomes a greasy spot on Main Street. This is the same logic being used by Reeves and Abbott, and sadly the results will be similar.

Oh and lest y’all think I’m just picking on Republicans here, let’s not forget that our senile socialist pervert of a President is opening the flood gates at our southern border. And that means undocumented, unvaccinated illegal aliens streaming across the border. Thousands of them. Anyone who thinks this is a good idea needs their freaking head examined. As is usually the case, politics takes priority over the well-being of the People. Both parties are guilty. Both parties are loaded with a bunch of irresponsible, self-serving buffoons who couldn’t give a shit less about the people who elected them. Welcome to 21st century America.

Sources And Related Reading

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