Repeat Offender

Oh, joy. I’m in Facebook Jail yet again. And as before it’s for the most ridiculous of reasons. Once again the meddlesome juvenile delinquents FB employs as moderators have taken offense at something that could not possibly be offensive. Please allow me to set the stage here: I have a good friend in Central Texas. We’ll just call her “Ann.” I’ve known her and her brother since the early 70s. She’s a lovable smart-ass with a sharp wit and zero reservations about speaking her mind. It is impossible that one of us could offend the other. We just know each other too well. So, earlier she posted this image:

I thought it was funny as hell, and responded with this:

Ann would have laughed had she gotten the chance to see it. But the nannies at Facebook got all shook up about it. As you can see at the bottom of the screenshot, FB flagged it as “Hate.”

So when I next visited my FB page, I see this:

I’ve bitched about Facebook before. I’ve threatened to leave (not that FB would care). I nearly left them last time they restricted me but to be honest I enjoy interacting with my friends there. I “Disagreed” with their decision and also posted a complaint via their feedback option. I doubt anyone will actually see either one. Facebook is too big and too powerful to give a shit what their users think about them. They worry more about equally meddlesome government regulators prosecuting them for allowing “hate speech.” The end result is FB being paranoid to the point of throwing users in Facebook Jail for the silliest of reasons.

So, I guess I’m reduced to sitting here frying in own gravy, trying to think of how I might lash out at Facebook in some way that would actually get their attention – without me ending up in a brick and mortar jail. Sadly, my nature prohibits me from doing anything really fun like spraying graffiti on their building or toilet papering the trees in Zuckerboy’s front yard. Oh well. I got my blog. I got Reddit. And I got all my coffee drinking buddies every afternoon at Huddle House. I will survive. Fuck Facebook. And fuck Zuckerboy and with the horse he rode in on.

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