Angry White Man

It’s getting so you can’t open your mouth anymore without someone taking offense. Everyone it seems is feeling persecuted. Gays and Christians are fussing over rainbows and flags. Conservatives and Liberals are fighting over just about everything (with Libertarians caught between them). Regular citizens are afraid to walk outside because there are so many street thugs waiting for a chance to cut’em up or shoot’em just to get their wallets. Female athletes are rightfully pissed off because males are getting their peckers chopped off then competing in women’s sports.

And wow… holy shit Martha… (Fill in race or ethnicity of your choice) lives matter! It appears at this point that the only lives that don’t matter are white lives. As a white guy, I have a problem with this. Call me a fucking racist if you want to. I no longer care.

I’ve had enough of all this anti-white nonsense. Ya know what? I never owned any slaves. No one ever picked any cotton for me. I never stopped any “person of color” from voting, working, eating or anything else. But guess what! My grandparents, my mother and her siblings did in fact pick their share of cotton during the Great Depression. Can I get reparations? Nope. Didn’t think so.

Have I benefited from being white? Maybe, maybe not. I truly don’t know. Do I feel any white guilt? No I don’t, nor should I. Regardless of your skin color, if you’re a legal US citizen you have 100% of the rights I have. And if you’re a so-called “minority” you likely have a few perks from the government that I can’t get. So much for white privilege. Shut up about how you’re oppressed because of your skin color, okay? You’re not. Oh, and if “your people” are getting arrested more than “my people” it might be because your people are committing more crimes than mine. Ever think about that? Of course you didn’t.

Moving Along…

This whole Gay Pride thing just amazes me. Mind you, I got no issue with people being gay. Whatever gets you through the night. I can think of 4 good friends right off the bat who are gay. I love’em just like the rest of my friends. But for crying out flipping loud – do you people have to get so weird with your Pride parades? Do you have to dress like a fucking peacock on LSD?! You make Mardi Gras look normal! And then you wonder why people treat you like freaks. Here’s a tip – if you don’t want to be treated like a freak, then don’t act like one. Yeah, there’ll always be a few self-righteous knot-heads out there talking shit to you and acting like you’re abnormal. But that’s their problem. You don’t have to give them any ammo.

Still Moving Along…

And you Christians who have your collective panties in a wad over the Pride flag… just shut up, OK? Your phony god didn’t invent the rainbow. It isn’t a symbol sent from Heaven. A rainbow happens when photons pass through water molecules. You can get the same effect with a water sprinkler. No supernatural stuff required. In short, you got no special claim to rainbows regardless of what your holy book says. The gay community has just as much right to use it as you do.


Portland, OR

I’m loving these assholes who run around screaming “defund the police.” Have you noticed what’s been happening in the Democrat-controlled cities where the police forces have been slashed? If you guessed that crime is surging, give yourself a gold star. Now these retards are scrambling to find the dollars and the personnel to staff their police forces. It’s especially crazy in Seattle and Portland right now.

But look at the cops! Many police forces have become little more than criminal gangs. Their uniforms are their gang colors. And quite often they have the support of corrupt city and county management. There is a reason why people mistrust / despise / attack / fear law enforcement. In many cases they’re worse criminals than the people they’re supposed to be protecting us from.

Yes, we need cops. But good cops, not assholes who only wear a badge so they can bully people.

Going Viral…

And will you look at all the horseshit surrounding the Covid-19 vaccines? There are people out there who seem convinced their genitals will fall off if they get the shot (getting mine next week by the way). I don’t mean to point fingers, but have you noticed that the majority of the ones who believe the vaccine conspiracy theories and think that a paper mask somehow violates their rights, are conservative Christians? Just sayin’.

And with all this and more, where is our country’s leadership? Joe Biden is wandering around without a clue. Kamala Harris is dumb as a sack of hammers. Pelosi hasn’t had a fresh idea in 30 years. And the Republicans are still wondering WTF happened to them.

So ya know what? It’s on us. We got to fix it because no one else will. Just cut the crap and go to work. You’re not “woke.” You’re not “persecuted.” You’re not “special.” Have I offended you? If not then maybe you’re smart enough to get what I’m saying. Otherwise, well… piss off.

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