Choosing Hell?

HellDepiction_01Y’all bear with me here, OK? I’m a little bit pissed off and disgusted in the extreme. Grotesque memes like this one are becoming all too common these days. Christians are losing the battle for the minds of the people and they know it. But despicable, threatening images like this one can serve to frighten the gullible into belief “just in case.” The tactic is morally bankrupt and rooted in lies (Christians call it “scripture”).

And keep in mind that these are the same people who ceaselessly attempt to worm their dogma back into our schools to influence vulnerable young minds. People who post this shit are no longer trying to “save souls.” They’re concerned only with saving their doomed religion. Whether their beliefs are true no longer matters to them. It’s belief itself they’re mindlessly working to salvage. Facts are irrelevant to them. They’ll believe “what the Bible says” regardless of the amount and veracity of the evidence against it. And in case you missed it, the evidence against the various fables in the Bible is overwhelming. So they just believe all that harder. They see their faith as a strength. But it fits the textbook definition of “delusion.”


“A persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary”

– – Merriam Webster Dictionary

And of course they’ll tell you that people choose Hell. Their loving god would never send anyone to such a place, right? That’s perhaps the biggest lie of all, and they tell some whoppers. But they want us infidels to think that we’re somehow broken and in need of their Jesus to fix us. If we don’t wish to get that Jesus fix, then we chose all that torment. It’s a cop-out, pure and simple.

And don’t forget folks… these people vote. Politically speaking I’m more conservative than most atheists. I love capitalism. I believe the Second Amendment is the only “gun permit” I should need. I supported Trump because I saw Hillary as a disaster waiting to happen. He was (to me anyway) the better of two bad options. He’ll have my support again in 2020 for the same reason.

But that doesn’t mean I have to join the nutball evangelicals in their indefensible beliefs. Trump pandered to them to get their votes. And now they see themselves – not without some justification – as being empowered. They’ve become more brazen in their attempts to inflict their so-called “values” on others. Their attempts to discredit well-established scientific facts like evolution and the age of the universe has put them in the same category as the Flat Earthers and those who think the moon landings never happened. Their faith has become a sickness, and I don’t know that there is a cure for it at this point. Best we can do is try to hold the line against them and foil their attempts to corrupt our public education system.

What corruption you ask? How’s about Texas removing real people like Helen Keller and Thomas Hobbes from social studies textbooks, but adding the biblical character Moses. There is a large consensus among scholars that Moses is purely a mythical person, or perhaps an amalgamation of several people. And there are movements around the country to post various religious slogans like “In God We Trust” in public schools regardless of laws about church / state separation. And of course there’s constant bleating on social media about “putting prayer back in schools.” These people are apparently ignorant of the fact that students and faculty are still free to pray at school as long as it isn’t forced or led by faculty. Or maybe they know this, but are not honest enough to care. Claiming oppression is among their favorite pastimes.

OK. Enough. The blatantly false meme struck a nerve and I needed to vent. Stay vigilant friends. These people will never stop.

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