What’s Next?

All through the Trump presidency, Mr. Trump has been a bit of a loose cannon when it comes to social media. One could make the case that Democrats aside, his own mouth (and by extension his keyboard) is his worst enemy. Has he exaggerated at times? Yes. Lied? Yes. Been truthful at other times? Yes again. But now it’s crumbling down all around him. Twitter and Facebook have muzzled him, and Joe Biden is about to replace him. The latest leg of his lifelong ego trip is coming to an end.

Big Tech, which is mostly liberal, appears to be taking steps to further muzzle conservatives. Right-leaning social media sites like Gab and Parler are seeing push-back from Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Google. One does not need to be a conspiracy theorist to get the impression that this is a concerted effort to cripple any attempt by the right to remain relevant. So what can / should the right do to counter against the censorship from the left? Well…

NOTE: This is not a prophecy or prediction. It’s just what I think might / could happen.

Trump has hinted that he might go as far as creating his own social media platform. Trump might be a talker, but regardless of what you think of him he’s also a doer. And I have the feeling that he will in fact gather up a partner or two, hire some qualified people and start up a new platform geared toward conservative views. For this post, let’s call it “TrumpSpace.” He has the money and the connections to get it done, and after four years of coming under attack from the left (and yes, some of those attacks were justified) he certainly has the incentive. But what obstacles might he face to get it done?

In the beginning he’ll just see a lot of bad and misleading press. The liberal media will take every cheap shot they can to discredit him and whomever his partners might be. Nothing new there.

If he tries to host the site on public servers, he’ll likely be refused by many hosting services. Some out of hatefulness, others because they’d fear reprisals from the left. So in the end he’d probably have to invest in his own server farm. This would be tremendously expensive, perhaps prohibitively so even for a group of billionaires. They’d need a highly effective method of revenue generation to make it work.

He’ll need advertising revenue and this will be problematic from the start. The left will immediately threaten to boycott any and all advertisers who post ads on the site. So what TrumpSpace will need is a group of advertisers who don’t need customers from the left. Guns. Ammo. Hunting gear. Maybe religious themed clothing and accessories. Whatever sells that liberals cannot have any real effect upon. That would be a very narrow market.

Once TrumpSpace is up and running, the next attacks will come in the form of DDOS attacks. The site will likely crash and burn due to a lack of preparedness but will recover and take proper precautions after the fact. That doesn’t mean the hacks will stop. They just have to be prepared to fight them off and mitigate the damage.

And during all this and more, the talking heads at CNN and MSNBC will be prattling on about how the site is nothing but 24/7 racism and lies. They’ll characterize all the members as mindless rubes (sadly some will be exactly that). They’ll demonize any public figure they discover with a membership and try to wreck that person’s career. There will be no end to it. The longer TrumpSpace is in operation, the crazier the left will become. Why? Because the site will serve as a rallying point for righties. At present the right in general and Republicans in particular are fractured. There is much dissent on that side of the fence and Trump has caused his share of it.

But a forum for sharing ideas (what freerepublic.com once was) will help to mend fences and get a lot of conservatives on the same page. And that means Repubs will likely get at least one house of congress back, followed by a meltdown on the left of epic proportion. Could be fun to watch. I love a good meltdown regardless of which party it is.

Is there a downside to this idea? Ain’t there always? TrumpSpace will be rife with conspiracy theorists, religious nut-buckets and mindless rednecks. Thoughtful, forward-thinking conservatives (yes, they still exist) will be drowned out by the bluster and blather of the uneducated rabble. They’ll push to get Creationism taught in public schools. They’ll fight to keep weed from being legalized. They’ll push back against sensible environmental regulations. They’ll rail against marriage equality.

But at the same time, they’ll fight for our Second Amendment rights, free speech and property rights. They’ll fight to keep our taxes low. Regardless of which party is in power you’re going gain a little and lose a little. That’s just how the system works here.

So… will you join TrumpSpace? Will I? That depends. Maybe if they give me a Space Force Secret Decoder Ring…

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